The Colonial Group is a privately owned management consulting firm offering services that support local, national and international companies. Established in 2009 with headquarters in Mount Pearl,  Newfoundland and Labrador, The Colonial Group offers a wide breadth of experience in several industries including aerospace and defence, mining, oil and gas, marine/maritime and heavy construction.

With hands-on leadership experience at senior executive levels in Fortune 100 companies and with government, we understand that a solid foundation and keeping it simple is the formula for success. We'll help you get the right results.

Our Value Proposition

Having worked for several years as part of the senior executive team with a Fortune 500 company coupled with senior management experience, company president, Jim House is able to provide insight and vision when it comes to leadership and business development.  Click here to learn more about Jim.

At The Colonial Group we believe that 'simple is more' and that strong leadership is needed within the ranks of every organization.

Our value proposition to our clients:

to understand your needs, develop the deliverable
in its simplest and 'easy to use' state, and
work with you to fine tune.